In the classroom they give without holding back and share their passion. The relationship between the dancers is at the heart of their teaching; exchange, relaxation, musicality, connection, technique, freedom of improvisation and expression result from it. They seek to make difficult things accessible and easy to learn :) to help you progress quickly and sustainably!


Peter & Chloe

Tatiana Udry & Alexandre Macedo

Dancer at heart, I trained from an early age in several styles: Classical, Modern Jazz, Contemporary, Rock'n Roll, Acrobatic Rock, Salsa, Mambo, Batchata, Disco Fox, Competitive Sports Dances, and much more. Having won many competitions of great renown, I decided to focus on Swing dances, for the music, freedom, technique and all the complexity that these dances have to offer. A great competitor, I have won a large number of International competitions that have made part of my fame and pushed me to adopt a style that characterizes me. Passionate, I am in perpetual evolution to better transmit my knowledge, to help you improve in your dance. ​

I created the NeoSwing concept in 2016, to bring dancers a new approach to the practice of Swing dances. This concept is based on the knowledge, experience, background and technique of each great dancer who shared this concept, to allow you to express your personality, style and feelings by accompanying you individually. After 11 years of travel between Montpellier and the International, I decided to train my life partner, who for a few years had been perfecting himself in workshops around the world alongside the best dancers today. A professional veteran, Alexandre has a mastery of his body, an approach to effort and movement technique and considers himself a student for life. ​

He has a complementary approach to my teaching, we like to discuss and share different points of view, different approaches and similarities between combat sports and dance in general. We wish to share our experience in order to transmit to you our vision and our approach to swing dances with humility and benevolence. ​