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BEGINNER/INTERNER LEVEL 0 TO 1 YEAR : You know the basics of lindy hop but you have difficulty dancing in the evening. You wish to acquire the fundamentals and improve your basics.


INTER LEVEL - 1 TO 2 YEARS : You master the basics and fundamentals of Indy hop or balboa quite well. You know certain figures and variations. You need to master the fast rhythms and to work on the connection and your style.

INTER/ADVANCE LEVEL 3 TO 5 YEARS : You can dance in the evening with partners of different levels on fast rhythms. You want to work on your musicality and learn new tricks and techniques.

ADVANCED LEVEL - MORE THAN 5 YEARS: You dance to slow, medium and fast music with ease. You play with the music by incorporating footwork. You have developed a certain creative sense, you want to improve your style, you are looking for new inspirations.